As Facebook and Google become ingrained into virtually every action we make on the web, the lines of privacy and security are becoming more blurred and dependent upon these vendors. I'm not thrilled with either Google or Facebook in these areas of concern. While both appear to be doing a great job at securing our information from evildoers, I'm concerned that they are becoming evil themselves.

By controlling both the advertising and the content side of the business – and marrying the two together – they have unprecedented insight into our lives. That makes the two a premier target for hackers and identity thieves. The ability to block how they extract this data is available through a complex series of permissions and settings; however, those limitations don't just impact advertising… they impact the user experience as well. So… many of us don't bother!

在传统媒体中,这始终是一条从未逾越的界限。 广告商从不应该影响新闻,反之亦然。 在荒野的西部,我们发现自己摆在桌子上,这些巨人控制着内容和广告。Veracode的 已提供此信息图,说明了两者在安全性和隐私方面的比较:

IMO, as consumers begin to understand just how this data is leveraged (and sometimes abused), they'll be pushing back and more and more legislation, regulations and even lawsuits will begin to arise!

Veracode应用程序安全性 提供基于云的自动化漏洞检测平台,该平台可识别应用程序代码中的安全漏洞。 无需安装或配置任何东西,这意味着您可以立即开始测试和修复缺陷。


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